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Asdaf AlBahr Est. is providing after sale services in the field of electrical, mechanical, bio-medical and safety handling materials.


Quality Products

Trade Specialty Chemicals

Wide Product Range

Timely Response To Customers

Welcome to Asdaf AlBahr Est.

Asdaf AlBahr Est., we can feel the pulse of the market at any time and we can incorporate that into the business strategy for any of our clients, be they big or small. We have the network, market access and product knowledge to understand and meet the needs of even the most demanding customer

The principle activities of the company are to import, warehouse, distribute and trade specialty chemicals.

The management and staff at Asdaf AlBahr Est. are committed to deliver maximum quality and customer services. We are also constantly upgrading our emicals and polymers in the region. technical knowledge and skills to provide timely response to the customer's needs and expectations

Asdaf AlBahr Est. covers the market sectors of oil & gas, food, paper industries, hospitals,safety materials, petrochemicals,lighting solutions, education, healthcare, chemical industry, desalination, mining, pharmaceutical, and wide range of process industry.

The products of Asdaf AlBahr Est. are Industrial Laboratory supplies, Laboratory chemicals, Industrial chemicals, Electrical Spares / Equipments, Mechanical Spares / Equipments, Heavy Mechinery, Safety Materials, Lighting Solutions, Biomedical Equipments, Health care products / Tiens

Asdaf AlBahr Est. head office is based in Almadinah Al Monawarah with branch office in Jeddah.

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